White Rabbit Images

People are my passion, photography is my art. I love the ability to capture a person's emotions and personality wether it be through a video or a photo. My entire life I have been an artist, through various mediums; drawing, painting, video, or photography. Around 2000, I decided to pick up a camera and give it a try as a new outlet of creativity. I fell in love with it, being able to capture a moment and share it with people. As time went on I continued to grow in both video and photography. My passion for this medium extends beyond the technical detail and really is driven by people and their stories. Photos are my canvas, the camera is my brush and the people are the paint. How can a person capture someone in a moment and really convey their essence and being? This is my journey and I look forward to others joining me on it as we share our stories with the world.

My approach is as natural as possible, not a lot of retouching or makeup, but simplicity and natural beauty.

I want to capture the person in my photography and let your personality and uniqueness shine through.

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